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Byway Brewing CO.
Donation & Sponsorship Policy

It is important to us at Byway Brewing that we support our local community. As it is beyond our financial ability to consider all of the numerous requests for donations we receive each month, Byway Brewing is in the process of establishing and maintaining relationships with a number of local charity partners. For groups outside of these partnerships who are seeking donations or sponsorships, we offer the opportunity to host a fund raiser at our brewery where 20% of total food and soft beverage sales are returned directly to the host entity or club.

General Guidelines

  • Due to the time and effort required to process requests, we require at least 30 days’ notice of the event.

  • You must complete and submit a Byway Brewing Sponsor/Donate Request Form (available online and at the brewery)

  • We limit our donations/sponsorship's to Indiana organizations and causes.

  • We do not donate to schools, school-affiliated groups or youth programs as we feel it is inappropriate to do so as an alcoholic beverage provider.

  • Groups/organizations must be a 501(c)3-designated to be considered for a donation, sponsorship or fund-raising event at the brewery and must provide a copy of the event advertising.

  • We will occasionally decline requests from organizations whose mission falls outside of our cultural and community focus.

Making A Request

Please complete our Byway Brewing Sponsor/Donate Request Form (available online) and submit to or return it to Byway Brewing, 2825 Carlson Dr., Hammond, IN 46323.  For further information on scheduling a fundraising event at the brewery, please contact​

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