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  • Where are you located?
    We're located at 2825 Carlson Dr., Hammond, IN 46323. We are off of Kennedy Ave. If getting off the expressway, take Exit 3 Kennedy Ave. South and turn left at the first stop light.
  • Is your patio dog-friendly?
    Not at this time.
  • Are you family-friendly?
    Yes, we are a family-friendly establishment! Note that our restrooms are not equipped with diaper changing tables so please prepare accordingly.
  • Can I rent out the space/brewery for a private event?
    Yes! We do many private events in our production brewery. Please contact our event manager at for drink and food packages.
  • Do you take reservations?
    We are not accepting reservations at this time.
  • Do you do takeout orders?
    Yes, please call the taproom (219-844-5468) for questions and to place your order.
  • Are you hiring?
    Please send a resume and position you are inquiring about to
  • Will you donate beer, gift cards, merch, etc. to my organization?"
    Please send all info regarding the donation request to with at least 90 days advance notice for consideration.
  • What happened to that food item you used to have on your menu?!
    Hmm, good question. We change up our menu seasonally to allow for new items to be featured. Our taproom menu is updated here whenever there are permanent changes, but please call the taproom {219-844-5468} to ask about our daily specials as they change daily and sometimes throughout the day!
  • Do you serve more than beer?
    Yes. We serve wine, wine slushies and various non-alcoholic beverages.
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